Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Destroys Home In Las Vegas

This house in Las Vegas was scorched from the inside due to a kitchen fire. Please check and double check to make sure all kitchen appliances are turned off to maintain safety in your home. 

Fire Rips Through Apartment Building

This fire completely ripped through this apartment building in Las Vegas. Thankfully no one was home or harmed in neighboring buildings but this building had to be torn down to the studs. 

Fire From Cell Phone Charge

This fire was started from a cell phone charger in the middle of the night. Did you know you can not smell smoke when you are sleeping. Please make sure your fire detectors have batteries and work properly. Luckily everyone from this disaster is safe because the detectors worked.

Electrical Fire In Ceiling

This damage was an electrical fire that started in the ceiling due to faulty electrical wires. The HVAC system was completely compromise and had to come down. It is never a bad idea to get your electrical system looked at and maintained. 

Removing Ceiling From Fire Damage

This unfortunate customer had a fire damage and because of where the smoke traveled in this home, we had to completely remove the ceiling and all of the drywall on the walls. When the smoke damage is that bad, you basically have to remove all structure material the smoke touches.

Fire From Hot Water Heater

This was the aftermath of a hot water heater fire in Boulder City, NV. There was significant smoke and soot damage throughout the home. We had to tear out some of the structure due to the damage. We were able to clean the soot from the walls and ceiling throughout the rest of the house.