Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Keeping Clean Air While Working Mold Job In Las Vegas

When working on a mold job air quality is important as well as preventing cross contamination. Using an air scrubber to create negative air is required to prevent mold spores from spreading. This is an exhaust tube coming out of the room we were working in.

Mold On Hot Water Heater Stand

One of the more common mold damages we see is on the hot water heater, either because they are in a separate storage closet or because people store stuff around the heater. 

Check your hot water heater regularly for leaks to prevent mold damage like this.

Mold Requires Special Attention

When dealing with mold we are fitting something that can't be seen, so it is very important to take special caution when working with mold. This Containment is built to keep all those spores in and prevent the rest of the structure from being contaminated. There is also a HEPA vac to maintain air quality.

Air Scrubber

This nifty little piece of machinery is called an air scrubber. We use this on mold jobs and certain water damages to maintain air quality and help prevent cross contamination in homes.

Water + Time = Mold

This photo was from job we did, where the customer was out of town for an extended period of time. A water leak that sat for a lengthy time lead to the whole house being covered in mold. All drywall had to be removed and everything had to be treated with a special anti-microbial.

Hidden Mold

This photo is from a job we did where the customer had no idea she had a small leak, so you can imagine the surprise she faced when she looked under the counter for cleaning supplies. Even something so small could cause major damage. Check water lines regularly.