Recent Before & After Photos

Fire In Rental Home

This home, located in North Las Vegas was used as a rental home. A home that will filled with essential furniture and rented out nightly to whomever wanted to s... READ MORE

Ceiling Falls Down Thanks To Storm

We have had heavy rains this winter and sometimes if water comes through the roof and settles on a flat surface and gains weight there is no where for that wate... READ MORE

Being Discrete On Commercial Water Damage

These photos are from a hotel we worked at in Las Vegas. The water loss didn't cover a big area but in the areas affected the water was very concentrated.The ma... READ MORE

Storm Causing Damage Through Window

You may not know you have a problem until it is too late. Storms wait for no one and when the unexpected can happen, it will. These Henderson residents had no i... READ MORE

Cleaning Electrical Fire In Ceiling

This job happened overnight at a business in Las Vegas. You can see all the damage in the first photo, the acoustic tile had fallen and burned up, the insulatio... READ MORE

Local Henderson Business Suffers Flood Damage

These photos are from a local Henderson business that suffered a water damage and could not afford to shut down operations for any period of time.We helped them... READ MORE

Dishwashers Can Cause Mold Problems

This Las Vegas customer had no idea what was hiding behind her dishwasher. We got the call to head out after the customer had a little leak and just wanted to c... READ MORE

Mold Found After Sitting Water In Drawer

This Las Vegas customer had all wood cabinets completely custom built. They had an elevated dish washer with a small drawer built underneath for cleaning produc... READ MORE

Damaged Wood Flooring From Water Damage

This damage was caused from a reverse osmosis system in the kitchen, Which we see pretty frequently. In the first photo you can see the wood has already ab... READ MORE

Water Damage From Upstairs Bathroom

Above this garage there is a bathroom, and after only a few hours of leaking the water was able to affect the ceiling on the first floor as well as the first fl... READ MORE