Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Garage Affected From Storm

This small area in the garage was affected from rain water. We used a fan and put some tubing on it to direct the air to the wet building material in the attic.

Storm Damaged Ceiling

You can see in the photo we had to remove a section of ceiling because a storm had come through town and because of a faulty roof caused water damage. 

A Couple Homes Affected By A Storm

These are a pair of homes we worked on during hurricane storm Sandy. You can see through the windows that the hurricane ripped through and severely damaged that house. Call SERVPRO of Henderson and Boulder City for any and all storm inquiries. 

Storm Trailer

This photo is of our Storm or Large Loss trailer. All of this equipment is available and ready at any time for us to take when disaster strikes. SERVPRO of Henderson and Boulder City is ready for any size loss at any time.

Community Coming Together During Storm

This photo was taken when we had a crew go out to New York to help with Hurricane Sandy. It is inspiring when a community can come together to help out for the greater good. We are proud to say we have been serving the Henderson and Boulder City for 20 years.

Storm Nightmare

When being displaced due to a storm, you might not know what you are walking back into. This photo was taken from a home that was greatly affected due to hurricane Sandy. There is so much water in the wall, it is being held in the bubble. When mother nature strikes let us help put the pieces back together.