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SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City honors 1st Responder Travis Haldeman

SERVPRO is pleased to honor First Responder (TRAVIS HALDEMAN) as the Recipient of the 2018 Honor a Responder award for the (LAS VEGAS BOWL). Travis's selfless act of courage and bravery during the horrific night of 1 October Route 91 Festival saved many lives. We salute you!

SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City's KEVIN & TINA EDGAR, Presented the award to Travis.

SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City -Truck Featured at Local Community Event

SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City's Work Vehicle proudly set up and displayed at the 2019 Boulder City, Nevada Jamboree. Every year SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City participates in this wonderful community event. We work closely with the local Chamber of Commerce, we provide much needed information and emergency services on Water & Fire Damage Cleanup & Restoration. We have performed several ERP's for the local businesses, and support the Chamber and their members 1000%. We are so proud to be a part of the Boulder City, Nevada community. Want to know more about SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City and the many services they offer to the community. Give us a call at 702-564-8508.

SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City has big presence at local event

SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City participating in Boulder City Nevada's Spring Jamboree community event and gives away scores of these goody bags, and offered FREE Home and Commercial Emergency Response Profiles to attendees. This is a great community event to be a part of.

SERVPRO Disaster Team Trailer

When a Storm strikes....We are always ready to serve at a moment's notice, and keep our vehicles stocked and ready to roll! This is why we are #1 in the Restoration Industry and why local and national 1st Responders trust SERVPRO when a catastrophe strikes. 

SERVPRO Professional Air Mover Equipment-Franchise #1 Tool of the Trade

Air movers can dry out floors, carpeting, upholstery, and walls quite rapidly. If water damage occurs in a Southern Nevada/Utah residential or commercial site, SERVPRO brings in state-of-the-art equipment to help prevent any secondary damage. Industrial air movers are an essential tool in the restoration industry.

Want to learn more about SERVPRO equipment? Call today at: 702-564-8508

Frozen Pipe Burst in Ceiling

Frozen Pipe burst in ceiling. So cold that the water froze in mid air. This happens more often than people think. When the weather gets below that freezing mark, it is so important to check your pipes, and make sure they are well protected to avoid situations like this.

Water Staining At Home In Las Vegas

This is what water staining looks like and this much of it is a pretty good of an indication that something may be happening. Call us with any questions and moisture checks.

Delaminated Carpet From Water Damage

Delaminated carpet is extremely common to happen from a water damage. The glue becomes loose from the water and even water extraction can cause this if you are not careful. Leave it to the pros and call us on your next water damage.

Garage Affected From Storm

This small area in the garage was affected from rain water. We used a fan and put some tubing on it to direct the air to the wet building material in the attic.

Storm Damaged Ceiling

You can see in the photo we had to remove a section of ceiling because a storm had come through town and because of a faulty roof caused water damage. 

Keeping Clean Air While Working Mold Job In Las Vegas

When working on a mold job air quality is important as well as preventing cross contamination. Using an air scrubber to create negative air is required to prevent mold spores from spreading. This is an exhaust tube coming out of the room we were working in.

Mold On Hot Water Heater Stand

One of the more common mold damages we see is on the hot water heater, either because they are in a separate storage closet or because people store stuff around the heater. 

Check your hot water heater regularly for leaks to prevent mold damage like this.

Fire Destroys Home In Las Vegas

This house in Las Vegas was scorched from the inside due to a kitchen fire. Please check and double check to make sure all kitchen appliances are turned off to maintain safety in your home. 

Fire Rips Through Apartment Building

This fire completely ripped through this apartment building in Las Vegas. Thankfully no one was home or harmed in neighboring buildings but this building had to be torn down to the studs. 

Mold Damage In Commercial Building

Instead of wood studs, most commercial buildings have these metal ones. This office building had a bit of a mold problem and you can see the tape is sealing off open cavities to prevent cross contamination.

Keeping Commercial Water Damage Discrete

This photo is from a commercial water damage. You can see we saved the owner a lot of money and time by removing the wall base which is the same as a baseboard on a house and puncturing the walls with small holes. This allows air to circulate instead of having to completely remove drywall

Fire From Cell Phone Charge

This fire was started from a cell phone charger in the middle of the night. Did you know you can not smell smoke when you are sleeping. Please make sure your fire detectors have batteries and work properly. Luckily everyone from this disaster is safe because the detectors worked.

Electrical Fire In Ceiling

This damage was an electrical fire that started in the ceiling due to faulty electrical wires. The HVAC system was completely compromise and had to come down. It is never a bad idea to get your electrical system looked at and maintained. 

A Couple Homes Affected By A Storm

These are a pair of homes we worked on during hurricane storm Sandy. You can see through the windows that the hurricane ripped through and severely damaged that house. Call SERVPRO of Henderson and Boulder City for any and all storm inquiries. 

Storm Trailer

This photo is of our Storm or Large Loss trailer. All of this equipment is available and ready at any time for us to take when disaster strikes. SERVPRO of Henderson and Boulder City is ready for any size loss at any time.

Removing Ceiling From Fire Damage

This unfortunate customer had a fire damage and because of where the smoke traveled in this home, we had to completely remove the ceiling and all of the drywall on the walls. When the smoke damage is that bad, you basically have to remove all structure material the smoke touches.

Fire From Hot Water Heater

This was the aftermath of a hot water heater fire in Boulder City, NV. There was significant smoke and soot damage throughout the home. We had to tear out some of the structure due to the damage. We were able to clean the soot from the walls and ceiling throughout the rest of the house.

Community Coming Together During Storm

This photo was taken when we had a crew go out to New York to help with Hurricane Sandy. It is inspiring when a community can come together to help out for the greater good. We are proud to say we have been serving the Henderson and Boulder City for 20 years.

Storm Nightmare

When being displaced due to a storm, you might not know what you are walking back into. This photo was taken from a home that was greatly affected due to hurricane Sandy. There is so much water in the wall, it is being held in the bubble. When mother nature strikes let us help put the pieces back together.

Mold Requires Special Attention

When dealing with mold we are fitting something that can't be seen, so it is very important to take special caution when working with mold. This Containment is built to keep all those spores in and prevent the rest of the structure from being contaminated. There is also a HEPA vac to maintain air quality.

Water Knows No Bounds

When a water damage happens there is no limit to what can be damaged. When wood cabinets get wet, most of time they expand and can not be put back so they must be taken out.

Warping Tile Floor

When you have a water damage, water getting under flooring is a very common thing. Laminate, Tile, Carpet and Hardwood floor is all at risk. If you see no signs of water damage and your floor starts to do this, you may have a problem. 

Office Surprises

When you walk into your office you know who to call. We handle commercial jobs as well as residential. So whether you're at home or the office know SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City can handle anything big or small. 

Air Scrubber

This nifty little piece of machinery is called an air scrubber. We use this on mold jobs and certain water damages to maintain air quality and help prevent cross contamination in homes.

Water + Time = Mold

This photo was from job we did, where the customer was out of town for an extended period of time. A water leak that sat for a lengthy time lead to the whole house being covered in mold. All drywall had to be removed and everything had to be treated with a special anti-microbial.

Screaming for Help

This is one of the first signs that you may have a problem. If you notice Expaning or swollen baseboard you should investigate immediately. When wood absorbs water, it expands. If you see this, call your local SERVPRO franchise promptly.

Hidden Mold

This photo is from a job we did where the customer had no idea she had a small leak, so you can imagine the surprise she faced when she looked under the counter for cleaning supplies. Even something so small could cause major damage. Check water lines regularly. 

We care about your stuff almost as much as you do

This photo is from a local restaurant that had a fire, and needed all of the air ducts cleaned. We covered everything in the restaurant to preserve items from being covered in soot. Your stuff means a lot to you and why no call a company that understands that.

Wall Bubbles?

Do you have wall bubbles like this in your, or in the home of someone you know? You could have a leak behind the wall and should call us immediately. We can come in and fix the problem and make it, "Like it never even happened".

Special Drying Conditions for Special Circumstances

This is a photo from an office building we got called to for a water damage. The manager of this establishment could not stop working, so we built this to help. It is a special drying chamber to help blow air in a concentrated area, without disrupting an entire area.

Commercial Document Drying

The benefit of being apart of the SERVPRO brand is having the range and benefits of performing multiple services for our customers. This photo is from a commercial water damage, where thousands of papers were completely saturated with water. We at SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City are trained and have the resources to complete the document drying process.

Red Cross Check Presentation

This is the 4th year that we have held a golf tournament to help raise money for the Red Cross. Working along side pods we are happy to say we raised over 22,000 dollars! Thanks to everyone for their continued support, including our friends at Heroes in the Rough.

Electric Parade in Boulder City

The weekend of December 3rd, Boulder City held another Electric parade for the holiday season and the turnout was amazing. People flocked to the streets to see decorated vehicles and get a glimpse of Santa himself. A big thanks to the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce, and everyone that came out and participated. 

Heroes in the Rough

Heroes in the Rough is an amazing organization that strives to help not only veterans with physical health and mental issues, but also the families of veterans. They give back by raising money from their very many golf tournaments. They also have many educational programs in place to educate veterans about what to expect when returning home. SERVPRO is a proud sponsor of this fantastic organization. Go to their website to see what you can do to help. Heroes in the Rough 

2015 American Red Cross Charity Golf Classic-Check Presentation

Kevin Edgar, SERVPRO of Southeast Nevada, Robert Edgar, SERVPRO of Southeast Nevada presenting a check for $18,000.00 from the proceeds of their Charity Golf Classic to Jennifer Ramieh, Senior Director of Development, American Red Cross-Southern Nevada/Utah Chapters.

SERVPRO of Southeast Nevada-2016 Philanthopic Circle Award Recipients

SERVPRO of Southeast Nevada being recognized for their charitible efforts at the 2016 American Red Cross Volunteer Awards Banquet. We are so PROUD to be partners with the American Red Cross. We are honored to be accepted into the Philanthropic Circle for our charitable efforts!!