Commercial Photo Gallery

Mold Damage In Commercial Building

Instead of wood studs, most commercial buildings have these metal ones. This office building had a bit of a mold problem and you can see the tape is sealing off open cavities to prevent cross contamination.

Keeping Commercial Water Damage Discrete

This photo is from a commercial water damage. You can see we saved the owner a lot of money and time by removing the wall base which is the same as a baseboard on a house and puncturing the walls with small holes. This allows air to circulate instead of having to completely remove drywall

Office Surprises

When you walk into your office you know who to call. We handle commercial jobs as well as residential. So whether you're at home or the office know SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City can handle anything big or small. 

We care about your stuff almost as much as you do

This photo is from a local restaurant that had a fire, and needed all of the air ducts cleaned. We covered everything in the restaurant to preserve items from being covered in soot. Your stuff means a lot to you and why no call a company that understands that.

Special Drying Conditions for Special Circumstances

This is a photo from an office building we got called to for a water damage. The manager of this establishment could not stop working, so we built this to help. It is a special drying chamber to help blow air in a concentrated area, without disrupting an entire area.

Commercial Document Drying

The benefit of being apart of the SERVPRO brand is having the range and benefits of performing multiple services for our customers. This photo is from a commercial water damage, where thousands of papers were completely saturated with water. We at SERVPRO of Henderson/Boulder City are trained and have the resources to complete the document drying process.