Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Dishwashers Can Cause Mold Problems

This Las Vegas customer had no idea what was hiding behind her dishwasher. We got the call to head out after the customer had a little leak and just wanted to c... READ MORE

Mold Found After Sitting Water In Drawer

This Las Vegas customer had all wood cabinets completely custom built. They had an elevated dish washer with a small drawer built underneath for cleaning produc... READ MORE

Hidden Mold

Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it is not there. This customer had an unfortunate water damage and after it sat for a few days, she called us to take... READ MORE

Mold Is Sneaky

This mold job was the result of a customer going out of town for a couple weeks and the supply line of toilet breaking. They returned home to a disaster that le... READ MORE

Surprise Mold

SERVPRO inspected an unoccupied single family residence built in 1983 for visible microbial growth in the attic. The microbial growth affected the roof joist an... READ MORE

Hot Water Heater Strikes Again

This type of problem is one we see a lot of here at SERVPRO. This accident started from a leaky hot water heater, and because no one noticed mold began to grow.... READ MORE