Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Ceiling Falls Down Thanks To Storm

We have had heavy rains this winter and sometimes if water comes through the roof and settles on a flat surface and gains weight there is no where for that wate... READ MORE

Storm Causing Damage Through Window

You may not know you have a problem until it is too late. Storms wait for no one and when the unexpected can happen, it will. These Henderson residents had no i... READ MORE

Hurricane Experience

The year was 2012, and hurricane Sandy had just hit southern New York and took down everything in its path. Families and homes were devastated. The owners of ou... READ MORE

Storms Love A Leaky Roof

This customer experienced a storm in the worst way. Most of use it as a time to stay inside, keep warm with a nice blanket, watch a movie or read a book. Unfort... READ MORE

Storm Water Will Damage Everything It Touches

During storm events we constantly have crews standing by ready to take on anything that happens in our community. We have a trailer full of equipment to handle ... READ MORE

We Have Experience to Help With Massive Storms

We went to help out with a storm and anyone who has any experience with living through a hurricane they how big or an ordeal that is. Hurricanes damage everythi... READ MORE