Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Damaged Wood Flooring From Water Damage

This damage was caused from a reverse osmosis system in the kitchen, Which we see pretty frequently. In the first photo you can see the wood has already absorbe... READ MORE

Water Damage From Upstairs Bathroom

Above this garage there is a bathroom, and after only a few hours of leaking the water was able to affect the ceiling on the first floor as well as the first fl... READ MORE

Water Damage Could Cause Flooring To Be Removed

Water damages can cause loads and loads of damage. Most of the time it is the water you can't see that is most harmful. Whether that is water in the walls causi... READ MORE

Standing Water Surprise in Local Valley Home

If you, or anyone you know has come home to standing water in your house you know what a nightmare it can be. Being "Faster to any disaster", is something SERVP... READ MORE

Water Damage at a Hospital

Our SERVPRO franchise of Henderson and Boulder City are not only equipped with the crew, but technology to handle any job big or small. We recently got called o... READ MORE

Water Damage from Ground Water

What we have here is a water damage that started from an outside water faucet. The water managed to seep into the house, because the living room is sunken in an... READ MORE