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Best Ways to Prevent Indoor Flooding

7/5/2017 (Permalink)

No one expects to have a water damage in your home especially if you have never gone through it before. Trust us it is very common and could happen easily.

Here are some tips to help prevent indoor flooding.

Have your HVAC system checked regularly.

Your indoor unit should not be leaking water at any point, so having your system checked regularly can help prevent a water damage in your ceiling.

Have hoses to your appliances checked 

One of the main causes of water damages in the home are supply lines to appliances, such as washers, water heater, refrigerator, and really popular here in Las Vegas are reverse osmosis machines.

Checking them every couple months or having a plumber come in to look at them is always recommended. Also, never operate a washing machine or dish washer when the home is unoccupied. 

Monitor plumbing issues regularly

It is a lot harder to tell if you have a leak in the walls, than visually seeing water. It is important to notice any changes in water pressure, drywall staining, or musty smells.

If you are unsure if you have wet drywalls from indoor leaking, call SERVPRO your trusted 24/7 water restoration specialists. 

We Specialize in Home and Commercial Mold Removal

7/3/2017 (Permalink)

Our local Southern Nevada franchise has been serving the area for 20 years. 2o years in the business means we have come across and seen everything. From large mold removal in commercial buildings as well as residential homes as well. 

Last summer we got a call from a family who took a two month vacation and came home to their house that was covered in mold. The mold was 5 feet high on every single wall. The house had to be completely gutted, all drywall removed, studs completely scraped and treated.

Along with the experience comes trainig. Every technician that comes to work on your mold job is IICRC certified and knows everything up to industry standard. 

For complete mold removal, home or commercial, Call SERVPRO of Henderson and Boulder City.

How to get the smell out of your house from a nearby fire

6/26/2017 (Permalink)

As you may know, the smell of smoke travels quickly and sticks to everything it touches. I was in a building that had a fire a week prior and my clothes smelt like a campfire after just 10 minutes. 

If you have been unfortunate enough to be around an area that recently had a fire, your home may also have that same campfire smell to it. 

Here are a few tips to help rid your home of that smell.

Open All The Windows

Opening windows is a mustGet some fresh air in and let the gross air out. You may also think about purchasing a window fan to help circulate air in and out of your home. 

Wipe Everything Down

If you’re close to a fire, or if you had your windows open while a nearby building was on fire, then chances are good you have some soot at least on your windows, if not on your walls as well. Make a solution of a gallon of water, a quarter cup of white vinegar, and a teaspoon of dish soap, and then used it to wipe down all your windows, window sills, and walls on the side of your apartment where the fire was. Small smoke particles have probably settled all those places, and this cuts through it like nothing else. Get the windows with window cleaner as well and mopped your hardwoods.

If your home was smoky, you also want to pay attention to things like light fixtures and bookshelves that are high up. Smoke likely rose and then settled there. These need to be wiped down as well. You also want to hose down your window screens (if you have them) with either a garden hose or in your shower. 

Wash Everything Washable

Have curtains? Take them down and wash them. Duvet? Wash that. Anything that you can throw into a washing machine you should. Do you own a mattress pad? This may help salvage your mattress.

Plan, Plan, Plan

I highly recommend purchasing renter’s insurance. Most people think of renters insurance just in case someone breaks into your home and don't take into account what could happen in a fire. If you have a policy, a lot of the cleanup would be taken care of.

Water Damage At Local Commercial Building

5/30/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage At Local Commercial Building Water damage at local retail building

You can tell from the photo that this retail building had some major water leaks. There are a lot of stains on the side from a pipe that burst overhead. The owners of the shop used a tarp to help hold the water before we got there to suck up any standing water. 

This local retail shop had a lot of contents. luckily nothing was damaged and everything could be moved and stored safely elsewhere while the drying process could be completed. 

When drying commercial buildings there are precautions we need to be mindful of. Contents were extremely important in this retail building that flooded. For our customers, contents are their livelihood and we take that seriously. 

SERVPRO works harder and faster at helping during your time of need. Our motto is to make it "Like it never even happened." 

Storms hitting valley only to get worse

5/30/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storms hitting valley only to get worse Crews go out before storm to perform roof tarping

This past spring the Las Vegas valley has seen the winds come though and rip things apart. Trees, power lines and roof shingles. When the wind damages your roof and causes shingle damage, which in turn can cause water damage if it rains. 

Most people don't know that SERVPRO provided roof tarping as a service. As a 24 hour service we have crews on standby ready to go out at a moments notice when storms or disaster hit. 

This customer was so pleased that we could come out so quickly and prevent any damage that the rain may have caused. 

Incase you didn't know SERVPRO of Henderson and Boulder City provided roof tarping, you probably didn't know we did move outs and packing, document drying, as well as many cleaning services like biohazard, and vandalism. 

Keep Your HVAC Clean and Safe with These Tips

5/30/2017 (Permalink)

Servicing your heating and air conditioning unit is important to keeping a trouble-free unit and maintaining optimal performance. Most people in the Las Vegas area use their units for both heating and cooling. In that case the unit should be cleaned and maintained twice a year. At the beginning of both hot and cold seasons. 

For an Outdoor Units

  • Inspect unit for proper refrigerant level and adjust if necessary
  • Clean dirt, leaves and debris from inside cabinet
  • Inspect base pan for restricted drain openings - remove obstructions as necessary
  • Inspect coil and cabinet - clean as needed
  • Inspect fan motor and fan blades for wear and damage - on older models lubricate as needed
  • Inspect compressor and associated tubing for damage

For Indoor Units

  • Inspect and clean blower assembly (includes blower housing, blower wheel and motor)
  • Check combustion blower housing for lint and debris and clean as necessary
  • Inspect evaporator coil, drain pan and condensate drain lines. Clean as needed
  • Inspect for gas leaks in gas furnaces
  • Inspect ignition system and safety controls - clean and adjust as needed
  • Inspect control box, associated controls, wiring and connections
  • Listen for abnormal noise
  • Search for source of unusual odors

Also, Remember to have your unit and vents cleaned regularly and don't forget to change your filters!

5th Annual Salute to Armed Forces Golf Tournament

5/22/2017 (Permalink)

Community 5th Annual Salute to Armed Forces Golf Tournament Come golf and support the troops, November 3rd

Every year we are honored and humbled to support the troops with our charity golf tournament. We look to surpass our goal of 20,000 dollars, that we raised last year. 

All the money we raise goes to the Southern Nevada Red Cross, they use that money to help the local veterans, with housing, medical, food and anything else the veterans need. 

Come out and show your support November, 3rd at the Revere Golf Club

#1 Commanding General / Admiral (1) (Title Sponsor)                                                   $5,000 (8 player spots w / title recognition, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#2 Reveille Registration Sponsor (Breakfast)(1)                                                            $2,500 (4 player spots w/ sponsor signage on tables Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#3 Top-Guns (Longest Drive (1)/Closest Pin)(1)                                                            $2,500 (4 player spots w/ sponsor signage, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#4 Shields for our Soldiers (Gift Bag Sponsor) (1)                                                            $2,000 (2 player spots w/ Corp. logo on gift bags, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#5 Mess Hall Heroes (Lunch Sponsor) (1)                                                                           $2,500 (4 player spots w/ sponsor signage on tables, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#6 Heroes Helpers (Golf Ball Sponsor)(1)                                                                           $1,500  (Sponsor logos on golf balls, Sponsor recognition throughout tournament) 

#7 Humvees for our Heroes {Golf Cart Sponsor)(1)                                              $1,500 (2 player spots w/ signage on all players golf carts, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#8 Corporal Canteens {Beverage Cart Sponsor)(2)                                              $1,000 (Sponsor signage on refreshment cart , golf cart to ride behind refreshment cart, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#9 Strike Package (Putting Contest Sponsor)(1)                                                             $1,500 (4 player spots w/signage on putting green, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#10 Bucks for Battlers (Awards Sponsor)                                                                           $1,200 (Sponsor signage at awards table, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#11 Combat Collaborator (Photo Sponsor) (1)                                                                   $1,000 (Sponsor logo on event photos, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#12 Rangers of Raffle                              $1,500 (Sponsor signage at raffle prize table & registration table, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#13 Holes for Heroes–(Full Hole Sponsor)                                                                              $500 (Tee Box Signage, Sponsor recognition throughout event)

#14 Sponsor a Wounded Hero/Combat Veteran                                                       $100

(1 MILITARY player spot w/ auction and participation in all contests for prizes)

#15 Foursomes of Fortune                         $400 (4 MILITARY player spots w/ auction and participation in all contests for prizes)

#16 Trio of Troops                                      $300 (3 MILITARY players spot w/ auction and participation in all contests for prizes)

#17 Tactical Twosome                                $200 (2 MILITARY players spot w/ auction and participation in all contests for prizes)

#18 Army of One                                         $125 (1 CIVILIAN player spot w/ auction and participation in all contests for prizes)

#19 Army of Four                                        $500 (4 CIVILIAN player spots w/ auction and participation in all contests for prizes)

Contact Dawn Kyles for your reservation 

(702) 564-8508

Small Apartment Catches Fire Due To Fireworks

5/22/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Small Apartment Catches Fire Due To Fireworks This is the bedroom that the fire loss started in.

Recently we got a call to remediate an apartment. The apartment caught fire one night because kids were playing with fireworks in their room. Thankfully no one was hurt and no others buildings were affected. 

The management company of this apartment called us the day after the accident to get going on the job as time was of the essence. 

The apartment being completely covered in water from the fire department had to be dried before any demolition of affected building materials. The reason we had to dry the structure first is because there were a lot of contents and we couldn't remove anything until the contents were taken care of. 

After doing flood cuts and removing insulation we place equipment to dry the structure before being able to move the contents. 

After the contents and the structure was dry, we were able to completely remove all building material. 

This was a big job that could have been prevented, fire safety is important and make sure you are protected with working smoke alarms and an exit strategy for you and your family. 

Making Containments On Mold Jobs Is An Important Part Of The Process

5/8/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Making Containments On Mold Jobs Is An Important Part Of The Process Technician making a containment on mold job

In this photo you can see a technician hanging some plastic around a door frame. This practice is to make a contained area around an area affected of mold to keep from spreading to non-affected areas.

We start by putting painters tape on the wall to protect the paint. secondly, we take a can of spray glue to get the plastic to stick to the protected tape. After the plastic is sticking we use tape on top of that to get a really good hold and create a tight seal. Finally, there is a plastic zipper attached to allow entry into the area.

Precautions like this are important to creating a clean and safe work area. We also use this practice when we come in contact with large areas and small amount of wet material to help speed the drying process.

Fire Sprinkler Creates Water Damage

5/5/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Fire Sprinkler Creates Water Damage Fire Sprinklers Can Create Water Damage

Fire sprinklers can be extremely effective when limiting damage from a fire but can also cause a lot of water damage. With rising regulations on fire sprinklers being installed in homes, we have seen an influx of water damages resulting from fire sprinklers.


This photo is from fire sprinkler damage. A service technician was installing a satellite dish and punctured a pipe. You can see there is substantial pressure in the pipe as the water shot directly across the ceiling and ran down the wall.


The customer acting quickly did the proper thing and shut the water off to the structure. She then called the company who originally installed the sprinkler to come fix the issue and finally by calling SERVPRO of Henderson and Boulder City to ensure drying of the structure limited secondary damage and to take care of the standing water.


Call SERVPRO with any flood damage caused by fire sprinklers or any water damage. No job is too big, or too small.